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Effortless Wedding Invitations

Beautiful Designs, Made with Convenience

This blog post is sponsored by Basic Invite. Although this post is sponsored, I always want to make sure my content is relevant and helpful to you! I would not have agreed to this partnership if I didn't think their process or quality was up to par. I truly believe Basic Invite offers an effortless way to make your wedding invitations, especially if you want something quick and easy yet customizable.

With David's and my wedding coming up next May, I thought it was time I started looking into wedding stationery. I had so much inspiration and so many ideas, but I found myself being overwhelmed with the possibilities. If I, a person with a background in graphic design and knowledge of professional printing, was getting overwhelmed, then I could hardly imagine what most couples go through. While researching various companies and seeing what was out there, I learned about a company called Basic Invite. After looking into the company, seeing what they offer, and testing their product, I thought they might be a useful resource for couples looking for an effortless way to create personal wedding invitations!

Basic Invite is a company that has a ton of fun and unique designs for stationery ranging from your engagement invitation card to wedding invitations. They have numerous options for colors and designs and even provide envelope address printing! I love a good envelope, but if you're less attached or want to save paper (environmentally or the money kind), they also have their seal and send wedding invitations, so that you can skip the envelope entirely! While browsing the designs, I came across this cute "First Class Ticket" design that I absolutely adore. Although I chose to design our own and test their "upload your own" capabilities, I just had to play around with it.

While pretending I hadn't just spent hours of my life designing our invites, I noticed something that I thought was super cool! The sample image on the website is instantly updated with your color choices to give you a preview of what your invitation will look like. As someone who is extremely visual, I really appreciated this feature and think it would be really useful for you like-minded people. It's just so helpful to be able to play with the colors and foil options and see what everything looks like together, particularly if you don't have a natural design sense, but still want something that looks aesthetically pleasing.

However, if you're more into designing your own invitations (I designed ours with Adobe Illustrator), Basic Invite also had really easy and straightforward capabilities for uploading your own design. They make sure to tell you the bleed, which is important if you want color going to the edges of your design. They don't market their upload your own in every section, but realistically, you could just search for "upload your own" and find all of the different sizes they have available!

One thing that is important to me is to have a full stationery set. As a photographer, I love capturing the details and I want my own wedding details to be captured too! While a single wedding invitation card is great and certainly economical, I really want to have a complete set to spread out for some gorgeous flat lays! I think Basic Invite does a really good job at supplying you with lots of options to complete your wedding invitation set, including colored envelopes. While looking at your Bon Voyage invitation, you can scroll down and see related items, like save the dates, registry cards, rsvps, and more. It literally took me two days to design my examples, when I could have been done in one! 😂

While Basic Invite has capabilities to print your own invitations (and they come out beautifully), I think they really shine if you're looking for pre-made stationery that you can customize. The process of customization, finding similar designs, and ordering is easy to navigate! They have so many options for your personal preference and always have customer assistance if you need help. Feel free to check them out and browse their socials (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter). 😊 Let me know in the comments if you this was helpful for you and what stationery company you went with for your invitations!

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