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In-Home Sessions at Studio 208

Benefits and Uses of an In-Home Photography Session

Winter can be a gorgeous time for portraits, a winter wonderland with rosy cheeks and cute hats! It creates a beautiful scene for sure, but only if you like the snow. If you're more of a "baby, it's cold outside... no really, it's cold outside" kind of person, then portraits in the snow might seem more like torture than fun. Fret not! Although snowy portraits dominate the winter, they are not your only option. If you find yourself wanting portraits in the winter months, but aren't sure snow portraits are for you, consider a more intimate session in your home! In-home sessions have been gaining popularity over the last few years, easily transforming your portrait session into a unique experience in a space you love and have made your own. From privacy to warmth, you can never go wrong with an in-home session!

Privacy Leads to Intimacy

If you're shy or an introvert, it can be challenging to feel comfortable in front of a camera, especially if there are people around. You may become more relaxed throughout your session, but it can definitely take away from your experience. While it is possible to avoid people during outdoor sessions, you're likely to have at least a few people pass by. However, an in-home session guarantees you will have privacy from strangers' eyes, creating a controlled and familiar environment to help you feel at ease. With added privacy and comfortability, in-home sessions can also create more intimacy and authentic moments!

No Hiking Necessary

Your portraits should reflect you! Mountainous adventure sessions are stunning, but if you hate hiking, they might not be the best choice for you. Of course, if that's what you want, don't let anyone stop you! However, outdoor sessions are not your only option. In-home portraits will allow you to be in an environment that may be more authentic to you and your personality. Even if you love nature, in-home sessions can still work for you by incorporating various plants into your session! You don't have to be outdoors to have nature! 🌿

There's No Place Like Home

As I'm planning your session, I will always ask if there's anywhere in particular that means something to you. If you love the library, then I will do everything I can to include that as a location in your session! Same goes with your home. If your favorite place to be is your home, then let's capture that! When you look back on your portraits, you'll remember all of the wonderful memories you made in your home. Not only does an in-home session give you a meaningful and comfortable location, but it also allows you include important items and hobbies in your session as well. Love to cook? Let's whip up a snack! Want to show off your record collection? Let's do it! Anything you want, videogames to wildly pets and more!

It Always Works, Rain or Shine

Meteorologists try to predict it, but the weather is always changing! Unlike outdoor sessions, your in-home session won't rely on nice weather. If it's raining or the winds start blowing, rest assured your session will proceed as normal! This point is true for all seasons, though I find it particularly useful during the winter months. ❄️ Sessions in the snow are magical, but you get cold surprisingly fast. Not to mention, if there's a lack of snow, you could be freezing without the seasonal benefit of the snow! Notably, if you have little ones or elderly family members who get cold easily, an in-home session will keep them happy and warm. Finally, the best part about not having to worry about the temperature is being able to wear whatever you want!

Anytime You Want

For outdoor sessions, there are two times of day that provide the best light, the early sunrise and the evening sunset! Sunrise and sunset provides a soft, romantic light that gives an extra punch to your portraits. While a professional photographer can take your portraits during any time of the day, it can be more challenging to avoid harsh shadows from the direct and bright sun. If you're only available time is mid-day and you want a solid solution, an in-home session will definitely provide reprieve from the sun. In-home sessions don't have to be reserved for just mid-day though; they can be accomplished any time! One thing to keep in mind is that if you're wanting to utilize natural light from windows, you'll want to consider where the sun will be in relation to your window to allow for the most possible light.

Cute, Cozy, and Convenient

One of the best parts about in-home sessions is their convenience! You don't even have to leave your house. 😉 That is, after all, what makes it an in-home session! Even though these sessions can be as formal as you would like them to be, in-home sessions really shine when you're just living life. Imagine yourself snugging up on the couch, having a pillow fight, or baking cookies. In-home sessions turn your favorite moments and memories into beautiful works of art for you to hang on your walls!

It Doesn't Have to Be Your Home

In-home sessions are glorious, but what if you don't want your home photographed? If you love the idea of an in-home session, but aren't comfortable using your house, you may have luck with a local Airbnb! Airbnbs make wonderful alternatives and there are tons of options. In addition to the fact that you won't have to tidy your home for the shoot, you can also have a small staycation while you're there. When choosing to go this route though, please make sure to be upfront with your Airbnb host. Not all hosts allow professional photography in their space or might require an additional fee. If you're in the Boise area, a few great Airbnbs that allow photography are Studio 208, Jefferson Street Cottage, and 26th Street Studio! These portraits were actually taken at Studio 208!

Whether it's a matter of convenience, privacy, or temperature, your in-home session will give you intimate portraits to remind you of this time in your life! You don't have to wait for blooming flowers or a sunny day to have your portraits taken. You don't have to be nervous about public displays of affection. You don't have to be someone you're not. Time is at your disposal, it's just you and your partner, and most of all, be yourself and do the things you love! 💕 Hopefully I've convinced you how amazing these sessions can be! What do you think? Would you have an in-home session?!

PS, all hair and makeup provided by Ashley BT Beauty!

Stay cozy my friends!


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