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New Year, New Brand

For Inspiration and Preservation

You know the saying, "New year. New me." Well this time, I'm saying new year, new brand! (even though we're almost through the first quarter of the year). Toward the end of 2019, after much thought and discussion with my fiance, David, I decided it was time to take my business full-time. I spent the winter working on restructuring my business, updating my brand and website, and I am so happy to announce that my website is live! 🎉 I say this with much excitement as it has taken me longer than anticipated to get everything up and running. I have a graphic design background and while that doesn't necessarily translate to web design, I knew I wanted to take on the challenge of designing something template-free! My new website combines everything I could think of that might be of use to you, from my favorite images to my process and FAQ.

Along with developing my website and refreshing my brand, I was also able to take a serious look at my philosophy. Why am I doing photography and what do I stand for? I considered the question for a while and finally came to the following conclusion. My dad passed away when I was 19 so I am aware that life is short and unexpected; I want to preserve memories so that you remember the good times even if something does happen. However, solely saving memories didn't feel quite as accurate as I was hoping though.

When I was comparing my work, trying to find something additional that called to me, I noticed my favorite portraits were ones that utilized the outdoors. Don't get me wrong, I love indoor portraits too, but photographing people on a mountainside or surrounded by trees just feels more awe inspiring to me. I'd see a portrait and love how the people looked, but even more than that, I'd love seeing the environments and remembering how breathtaking the view was or how intricate the flowers were. It really pulled it all together, making me realize I want to preserve more than just memories.

My philosophy: preserving memories and passion for the planet.

Finally! Something that felt like me; something that I could truly get behind. I care about the Earth and I feel guilty to know how poorly we treat it. I think it's fair to say everyone knows how important the planet is (since we live on it and all), yet so often I feel we put our own needs and convenience before those of the world. Because part of my job is to find scenic and unique environments, I'm constantly reminded of how incredible the Earth can be. I believe this constant reminder helps me become more aware of my surroundings and encourages me to take better care of our environment.

I would love for you to have similar feelings while looking at your own portraits! Ultimately, my goal is to bring out your personality and freeze a moment of happiness for you to always remember. However, if I could do that and create a small spark of passion for the planet, I would literally do a happy dance! A bit of passion does wonders.

My philosophy combines two things I will never stop being passionate about, your story and the world in which we tell it. I want to capture portraits worthy of your preservation. I want you to have visual memories that remind you of special moments throughout your life as well as the magnificence of nature! I fully believe it's our responsibility to care for the environment and its inhabitants. As a reward, we have the privilege of living and watching the world flourish. As your photographer, I hope to save your memories and in doing so, encourage inspiration and preservation.

Creating an Inspirational Brand

If you've made it this far, thank you so much! I realize it's a bit of reading, but I wanted to share my thoughts on how all of this developed. Now that you're aware of my philosophy, I want to explain my branding elements. Having once been a full-time graphic designer, I was keenly aware of how difficult it could be creating your own brand. This time was no exception.

Beginning with the all mighty logo, I decided to shift the focus from Katy Kithcart to just Katy. Even though my full name is Katelyn, I have always gone by Katy, so I thought it made sense to really emphasize it. The ring attaching Kithcart Creative to Katy alludes to a subtle camera lens as well as my topographic map design that you'll read about below! By keeping the majority of the design connected, I wanted to express that I am my business and my business is me. Of course that isn't to say if you don't like my work than you don't like me. However, my business as a whole (my process, style, experience, etc.) contains so much of me and my thoughts, that most of the time, it feels like we're one in the same.

A while ago, I learned a great trick for creating beautiful color palettes. It's pretty simple actually; take an image you love and select colors directly from the photograph. Soon enough you'll have a beautiful color palette that, in my case, will complement my photography! I gathered my favorite images and used them to inspire my brand colors. By selecting colors that can be found within my images, I created a cohesive color scheme that is consistent with my style of editing. My favorite images utilize nature and the environment, which often means they have a lot of earth tones: greens, browns, creams, etc. This made choosing my initial colors fairly easy; it was choosing the right values and hues that challenged me. I wanted something colorful and fun, yet sophisticated and deep, something that would be instantly recognizable. After much back and forth, I decided on the colors below! There are a couple other accent colors not shown, but these are the main ones. I'm hoping these colors and brand elements will help reflect my photography style and philosophy!

Ever since I took Geology 101 as my science elective during college, I developed a fondness for simplified topographic maps! I love the clean and organic patterns they create and how they represent change and forms in the landscape. Adding the topos as branding elements instantly created the visual and personal experience I was craving. Rather than using a random topo, I found and traced a topographic map of Boise's Table Rock (an iconic hike for the valley). To me, the topos represent creativity, the environment I want to protect, and a piece of my home and heart!

The last major piece of my brand that I worked on for what seemed like forever is my website! My previous site used Squarespace, which while super easy to use, had serious limitations if you were wanting to get creative (and didn't know code 😅). With the new site, I wanted to make my message clear. Since I took so much time deciding on my philosophy, I figured I might as well make sure people know what it is! Along with the updated portraits, graphics, and colors, you can also find an abundance of new information. Now you can read about the process and what to expect, new FAQ sections, and more facts about yours truly! I hope all of this information answers your questions, but I am always around if you have more.

If you made it through until the end, congratulations and a huge thank you from me! Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on whether you think everything makes sense or if something could use some tweaking! I'm always up for improving clarification and refining. Thank you again and have fun browsing the rest of the site!

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