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Rainy Day Elopement

Andy and Nicole's Backyard Elopement

Andy and Nicole kissing under string lights in the rain.

With all of the weddings that have become intimate ceremonies, one thing I love seeing is the creativity of making something small into something so special! I don't know if it's just that my couples have super cool backyards with lots of personality and character or if they just really know how to spruce up a space. Either way, the weddings this summer have been lovely and more importantly, personal! Of course, getting married in one's backyard isn't realistic for every couple, particularly when you have more than 25 guests. However, if you can pull it off, it easily becomes a convenient and meaningful space to tie the knot!

Andy and Nicole's wedding was originally set for August 15, 2020! After the coronavirus hit, they weighed their options and they decided to move up their date and make it a backyard elopement instead. They sent me pictures of their yard to see if I thought it would work for pictures and I was instantly in love! 😍 It was nice and big which would allow for social distancing for their few guests, as well as having lots of different features that would be super fun to use in portraits. Although we weren't able to utilize them with the rain, they even have chickens and ducks back there! How fun is that?

When June 13th rolled around, the forecast was predicting rain and boy did it deliver. The morning started off a bit rainy, but it had mainly stopped...until the moment I started driving to their house! Then the drops started coming down again and didn't stop for the rest of the night. As anyone could imagine, the day was a bit emotional with the realization that not all of their friends and family could be there, coupled with a cloudy drizzle, but despite everything Andy and Nicole did awesome and their day was wonderful! Even though rain is always a bummer, we did get some fun shots with a clear umbrella that I was itching to use and the rain provided some nice cloud coverage from the sun. Plus, they were able to have some of their closest friends and family there, along with their cute pup, Muggins! They toughed out the rain for their sweet ceremony and portraits, had family and friends on Zoom, and ended the evening inside with delicious pizza and cake. It was a wedding I will never forget and I am so grateful that I was able to be included! ❤️

Photography: Katy Kithcart Creative

Florals: Boise Co-Op

Wedding Dress: Lulus

Suit: Indochino

Catering: Messenger Pizza

Cake: Erika Claassen

Wine: Modern Hotel & Bar

Andy's hands wrapped around Nicole's waist, showing off wedding rings.
Bride and groom walking away from the camera into their house with their dog.

Throughout the whole process, these two were nervous that they would be awkward in the pictures, but I think we can all say that they look fabulous!! So let's raise a glass to Andy and Nicole! From Vegas to your backyard to your new lives together, I wish you nothing but the best in this next chapter! 🧡



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