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The B.B. Bridal Experience

Wedding Dress Shopping at Boise's Best Bridal Boutique

There are so many incredible bridal boutiques in Boise! Each one has a variety of beautiful dresses, specifically procured by each shop. If you're interested in a few boutiques, I'd recommend browsing their website or social media to get a feel for the style of dresses they carry. This can help narrow down your choice. Do keep in mind that not all of the store's dresses are guaranteed to be listed on their website! However, just because a shop may carry a designer you like, that does not mean they will have a particular dress you like, but they may have something similar. Having just recently said "yes to the dress" at Boise's Best Bridal Boutique, I thought sharing my experience might help future brides know what to expect!

As I mentioned before, the Treasure Valley has some incredible bridal boutiques. Gone are the days when David's Bridal was the only option! Now there are so many places that it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. When I was deciding which shop I wanted to try, I considered a few things: the style of dresses, the selection variety, and reputability! After stalking a few websites and Instagrams, it came down to B.B. Bridal and Margene's Bridal. Margene's carried a dress that I was particularly interested in, but as I was researching, B.B. Bridal announced they had just picked up a new designer, All Who Wander. I had heard amazing things about B.B. Bridal and with the addition of the new designer, I was sold! Although I didn't end up choosing a dress by All Who Wander, I am still extremely glad I went with B.B Bridal; the experience was fun and reassuring, everything I needed it to be.

When we arrived, we were greeted by my bridal consultant, Sheila, who brought us to our seats and started to explain the process to us. My initial impression was that they had a lovely, cozy setup for brides and their families. They have two seating areas that are close enough together to allow family and friends to enjoy looking at the other appointment's dresses while also allowing each group to feel like they have their own private space. I really enjoyed this because I'm a worrier and dislike people waiting on me, so it was nice to know my family could spend the time admiring the other beautiful dresses!

The process was pretty great! When we started, everyone was allowed to walk around and look at the dresses, choosing their favorites for me to try on. I loved that they had this part! While the experience should revolve around the bride, I wanted my family to enjoy the time and feel included. I think allowing them to pick out dresses opened up my pool and diversified the styles that I would have tried on, all the while letting them participate in the experience.

In situations like this, I tend to get a little (or a lot) stressed. I kept worrying my family was picking out too many dresses or that they weren't picking out any. I felt overwhelmed with my entourage asking me if this or that was something I'd want to wear, meanwhile I was trying to figure all of that out myself. Don't get me wrong! I love that my family cares about my opinion when it comes to my dress, but for this particular portion of the process, I wanted them to relax, have fun, and pick out dresses they thought were beautiful! Anyways, Sheila was kind and reminded me that we have time, there was no need to rush, and that we weren't picking out too many dresses. Thank you Sheila!

Trying on the dresses was pretty easy! Sheila had already hung up all the dresses, so all I had to do was pick one to try on. I had no struggles putting on the dresses and once I was in, Sheila clipped it to make it more accurate to how it would actually fit. The first couple dresses didn't feel as impactful as I thought trying on a dress would be. I loved the dresses, but they just didn't feel like me. It wasn't until the third dress that I really felt like a bride! I really loved that dress, but I wanted to try on a few more to see what else we picked out. After eliminating the next few dresses, I tried on the last one. Wouldn't you know, I loved it too! I was torn. It was the thing that every bride hopes to avoid. To help me decide, Sheila added a veil and a bouquet to help complete the look. We went back and forth between dresses and finally I decided on the first dress I loved. I said yes! *The dress pictured above is not my dress.

After I purchased the dress, doubt started to grow! I loved both dresses; did I choose the right one? I started to wonder if I chose the first dress because it was my family's favorite or because it felt the most like me. I needed more time to think, so I called B.B. Bridal and asked them kindly to hold my order. For the rest of the evening, I talked to some more people to see their opinions. Even though this isn't recommended 😅, I find comfort in hearing from those I care about most! I even ran it by one of my close friends who also happens to be a photographer to get a more technical perspective on it. Once I heard her validation, I felt at peace with my decision.

The next morning, I called B.B. Bridal and said they could put the order through! Everyone was extremely kind and understanding throughout my flip-flopping, which I super appreciated. My biggest concern with situations like this is feeling like a problem client. I always want to be ideal and easy, but that's not always possible. I had to continue reminding myself that wedding vendors are there to help me! Overall, I really enjoyed the process, even though I got stuck at the end for a bit. If B.B. Bridal carries the styles you like, I'd highly recommend them for their variety, professionalism, and support!

If you're getting ready to find your own dream dress, take a look at at some tips I procured from B.B. Bridal to make sure you have a successful wedding dress shopping experience!

Thank you Sheila and all the staff at B.B. Bridal!


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