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This Is Halloween

Creepin’ It Real This Halloween

Happy Halloween! This Halloween was supposed to be the best one ever, landing on a Saturday with a full moon lighting up the night sky. However, like everything else this year, plans must be changed. Say good bye to parties and the bustling streets of trick-or-treaters. This year will be a calmer season, filled with scary movies and endless candy that I can purchase, seeing as how I am an adult. 🎉 Even though this Halloween isn't the one everyone dreamed of at the end of 2019, it's still a cause for celebration and pumpkin carving!

For Bailey, this spooky season was the perfect opportunity to do something fun, just for herself. She came to me with the vision of a creepy photoshoot with masks, dark lighting, and horror film vibes! It was perfect timing and would leave us with enough time to complete the session before Halloween. After doing some research, our location ideas came down to Idaho City, Roseberry, or a family ranch. While they were all great options, we decided Roseberry would be the best! Roseberry is a historic settlement in Donnelly. With only a single general store, the town is a source of tourism and attraction!

Roseberry is about two hours away from Boise, so we headed out Monday afternoon. My good friend and fellow photographer, Ash of Ash S Photo, joined us for this project, adding a new perspective to our creative session. Once we arrived, we realized the little ghost town was even better in person! There were various buildings we could walk around and even a few small log cabins that we could enter. Bailey did a fabulous job procuring vintage dresses, creepy masks, and and awesome boots, so we had a ton of pieces to work with. Throughout the evening, we mixed and matched clothing, waiting for the light to fade. As soon as it did, it was like everything was kicked into high gear. Suddenly, we were working quickly to utilize the remaining light after it softened. By the end of the night, our hands were numb, our cheeks were pink, and we were all ready to warm up in our cars!

This session was unlike any other, relying on creativity in a way standard portrait sessions don't. It incorporated Bailey's interests and style, truly reflecting her personality. I am always in favor of bringing out your personality! 😊 Whatever it is you love, from spooky vibes to snow cones or schnauzers, if it's your vision, I'll do my best to bring it to life (or in this case, death).

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