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Wedding Day Adventures

A Cozy Backyard Ceremony with Portraits in the Foothills

Hillary and Will holding hands and walking down a trail in the Boise Foothills.

The summer of 2020 was the time to embrace intimate weddings and elopements! While at first it can be disheartening to have to cancel or postpone a full wedding, many couples end up enjoying the more relaxing day. They find it can be just as special with only a few of their closest friends and family and a heck of a lot less stressful. If you have to cancel or downsize your own wedding due to COVID-19 or the world's next pandemic, think of it as a creative challenge and have fun transforming your small space into a wedding worthy atmosphere!

For Hillary and Will, their June 27th wedding in Adams, Oregon soon became their June 27th wedding in the beautiful backyard of their new home. Considering they purchased their home in early June, it's amazing how well everything came together! 🤗 They spent a lot of time cleaning up the backyard and their efforts truly paid off. Their backyard has gorgeous greenery all along the fence with fun bushes and plants adding color and dimension. Plus they had so much variety from the surrounding nature to the stone corner to the wood paneled wall that there was never a dull moment for the eye; it was full of character!

Even though we could have spent their entire portrait time in their backyard, we decided we would sneak off to the Military Reserve in the Boise foothills after their first look session. Before we left, Hillary and Will took a few minutes to privately exchange their vows. I think more couples should think about doing this, because it can help keep the intimate moment focused on each other and not on anxiety. Once they had exchanged vows, we headed off to the reserve and it was so much fun! There's something incredibly captivating about the juxtaposition of two people dressed to impress in a wild, nature-filled environment. Dedicating a bit of time to the reserve was also particularly fitting since we went to Hulls Gulch for their engagement session! Overall, we were gone for about an hour, not too long to be missed, but still long enough to add some variety and give Hillary and Will some alone time before jumping in for their ceremony!

These two did an awesome job decorating their backyard! 🙌 They had various tables for each family group, a pretty and unique ceremony space, and a great setup for their dinner and dessert. Since Hillary and Will chose to share their vows during their first look, the ceremony was short and sweet with Will's best friend officiating the wedding. On a side note, I'm a huge fan of someone meaningful officiating! It's a great way to make the ceremony more personal. Hillary and Will said, "I do," we wrapped up family portraits, and then it was time to eat! BBQ4Life catered and Amaru Bakery provided the giant cupcakes! Both establishments came with options for vegans and vegetarians, which is always a nice to have available. The food was delicious and there was plenty of it! Even though the majority of their family had to check in through video chat, it was still a wonderful day with lots of memories to be made.


Portrait Location: Military Reserve

Photography: Katy Kithcart Creative

Florals: Slater Sisters Flowers

Wedding Dress: BHLDN

Catering: BBQ4Life

Cupcakes: Amaru Bakery

Hillary and Will standing in a corner of their backyard sharing their vows privately.
Hillary and Will holding hands and saying their vows.
Hillary standing behind Will, holding hands in front of a fence covered in foliage.

Hillary and Will, I am so happy you two have each other and were able to share this moment with your loved ones! You guys are super chill and are always a pleasure to be around. Congratulations on getting married and the new house! 😊 May you continue making memories as special as this one!



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