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Winter Wedding Inspiration

Samantha and Tim's Pinterest-Worthy Winter Wedding

We recently passed the one year anniversary of Samantha and Tim's winter wedding in Cascade, Idaho! Congratulations to these two amazing people! 🥰 Last year, they chose to have a smaller, intimate ceremony at their family cabin, opting in for a larger ceremony at a later time where their guests wouldn't have to deal with the winter roads. Even though their guest list was limited, they still put together a beautiful day that brought out their personalities while being thoughtful and considerate to their friends and family.

Samantha and Tim put so much thought into the details and I loved their wedding so much! I thought it may help you future brides and grooms plan for your own winter wedding! So I hope checking out these images and seeing what they did inspires you and fills you with creative ideas for your own wedding day!


Location: Cascade, Idaho

Photography: Katy Kithcart Creative

Videography: Rocky Venture Films

Hair and Makeup: Makeup by Morgan Dyer

Wedding Dress: Margene's Bridal

Jean Jackets: Daily Disco

Suit: JCPenney

Florals: The Flower Place

Spray Tan: Tanz by Kinz


A Versatile Getting Ready Space

Most people will want to get ready inside regardless, but for you winter brides and grooms, it's a must! Especially if you're planning to have an outdoor ceremony space or any outdoor portraits, you'll definitely want to make sure you're staying warm for your getting ready pictures. Samantha and Tim are well-loved so they were able to use a family friend's cabin in Cascade to get ready in! The cabin was large enough to have all of Samantha's wedding party downstairs while Tim's party took over the top floor. Having a large getting ready space with various rooms, floors, and lots of windows was particularly helpful for capturing the groomsmen getting ready and then moving the ladies to the top to capture the ends of their getting ready. It's always beneficial if both parties can get ready in the same location so that your photographer is able to capture every moment without driving snow-filled roads!

Dressing Your Wedding Party

Usually when you're taking the weather into consideration, it's because you don't want your wedding party to be too hot. Obviously, you don't have to worry about that in the winter! Dressing people in suits can be a pretty simple solution to the cold. Jackets that can cause sweating in the summer are now sources of warmth. If you're planning to put your wedding party in dresses, on the other hand, it can be tricky to create the look you want while preventing frost bite! ⛄️

I love Samantha and Tim's solution to this problem! They gave their bridesmaids jean jackets, custom designed by Daily Disco, to commemorate their wedding day. Each jacket sports the word BABE on the back, making these jackets functional, sentimental, and something they can wear after the wedding! Other solutions could be a shawl or fluffy scarf; whatever matches your vision. On either side, keep in mind the shoes! No body likes a cold, wet sock.

Blankets and Umbrellas

Speaking of the cold, your wedding parties won't be the only people susceptible to the chilly temperatures. Even though your guests will hopefully be dressed appropriately, it's always a nice gesture to provide them with things to help keep them warm and dry! After all, sitting outside in the winter is always a bit colder than moving around. To keep their friends and family comfortable, Samantha and Tim chose to offer blankets and umbrellas. They also took the opportunity to set out some tissues and reiterate an important message for their ceremony: this is an unplugged ceremony, so please keep your phones put away!

The Ceremony Space

Samantha and Tim held their intimate winter wedding on family property in Cascade, Idaho. If possible, choosing a location that is important to you will help make your already special day that much more meaningful. This ceremony space was in a small clearing, surrounded by various pine trees which was perfect for winter! The scenery was beautiful no matter which direction you looked, which is particularly helpful when photographing your ceremony. Something that I learned to keep in mind for future winter weddings is that snow can be tricky. It's absolutely gorgeous for pictures and really emphasizes the winter part of your day. However, snow is naturally noisy to walk on. So if you're planning to walk on snow for your ceremony, you may want to consider mics to help hide your photographer and videographer's constant crunching! Finally, if snow melts, it has the potential to get a little muddy. If this is something you're fine with then no worries, but it may be something to keep in mind!

A Scenic Place for Couples Portraits

After wrapping up their ceremony, a few of us made the trek up a nearby mountain for some secluded and intimate bride and groom portraits. I loved this part of the day! It was time for Samantha and Tim to soak in the fact they were married as well as giving me and the videographer, Tanner, a beautiful place to photograph! A lot of places can feel magical in the middle of winter, so you don't necessarily need to find a mountain. But if you can, you won't be sorry! If you go this route though, make sure someone has a vehicle with 4-wheel drive. We may have had a small incident where we were temporarily stuck in the snow. Thank goodness for the bride's family coming to rescue us! 😂

The After Party

While we were taking their couples portraits, Samantha and Tim had their families congregate in a space-heated barn with snacks and hot drinks. This little space was beautifully decorated with white table clothes and curtains, with gold accents placed throughout. They even hung lights on the walls to add a romantic feeling while producing more light! Having somewhere warm for guests to retreat to was a much needed touch that made sure to keep family and friends happy. Although the room was plenty heated, the option of various warm drinks really showed these two cared about your comfort!


Samantha and Tim's wedding was intimate and meaningful! These two people really care about their loved ones and were sure to show it. It was such an honor to be a part of this incredible day and to be able to capture the love of these supportive and kind individuals! I love how the brought their vision to life and poured their souls into every piece of it. They were themselves the whole time and that was the best part of it all. So whether you're having a large scale winter wonderland wedding or a small elopement on a mountain covered in snow, personal the hell out of it! There are no rules when it comes to your wedding so if you want to do something, do it. Your wedding day will be what you make of it! 🙌

Stay cozy this winter!


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