While it's important to preserve your memories, it's also important to do that in a way that feels like you! Whether that's a sleek and modern folio box or wall art with frames to match your home, there's something for everyone. Not sure what would be best for you? No worries! I'll be there to suggest various items or options that suit your needs. Feel free to take a look at the signature keepsakes below and learn more about each piece. Everything can be customized to your preference with various sizes, finishes, and colors!


Custom Heirloom Albums

Open photo album on a wood table.
Top of an open album with pages spread on wooden table.
Wedding photo album in white box next to a plant on a wood table.
Burnt orange square photo album with a picture cut out of the middle.
Burnt orange laying on wood table.
Open album with pages spread.
White topographic map line art.


Folio boxes are time capsules for your favorite moments. More versatile than an album, folio boxes have the flexibility to be beautiful showpieces, gift prints, or images you frame. Each print comes in an 11x14 inch mat, which fits into a standard frame or can lean on an easel. Once a month or two goes by, you can swap your portrait for your next favorite print. The best part is that even if you don't feel like framing them, your folio box can still stay on your coffee table, preserving your prints until you want to show them off!

White folio box with matted print of couple in it on a wood table.
Close up of canvas details and texture.
Wedding canvas hanging on a wall behind a couch.
Canvas close up of texture.


​Fine art canvas gallery wraps are statements pieces; perfect if you're looking to share your portraits in a bold and timeless way! With a museum quality and handmade canvas, these canvases take your portraits and create a classic piece of art. Carefully crafted with a fine attention to detail, your canvases will be the perfect heirlooms to pass down to generations.


​Framed wall art seamlessly combines your portraits and aesthetics to create custom art that complements your home. Use your portraits as visual memories and their frames as decorative accents to enhance the print. Frames come in a variety of sizes and styles to match your home's aesthetic, whether that be minimalist, classic, rustic, or more! 

Two framed wedding prints hanging on a wall over a shoe rack.